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Location, location, location!  If you are not a current member, you must have a permanent primary address in the North Texas/far South Oklahoma area shown inside the boundary denoted in red in the map shown. If you live just outside this area, let us know and apply for a waiver.  If you live outside of the area shown, but within reasonable proximity to the boundary, then tell us that and let us know why you think you can be a regularly participating member. Beyond that, you do not meet the geographic requirement, and need not apply. Why? We know from experience that it is very difficult to be a regular active member living outside of this area, and we want our members to frequently attend parties and other Sunbirds events (more parties!).

Take the Plunge!  But first, we want to know more about you.  

Please go to the form below, then fill in the requested information.  This information is not shared or sold.  We are committed to maintain the privacy of our members and prospective members. Becoming a prospective member does not make you a full member.  Someone from our Membership Committee will reach out to you and request a phone call to further discuss your interest and allow us to tell you more about the Sunbirds.

If you are approved as a prospective member, then you will be invited to our events. You (and your spouse or partner, if applicable) are required to attend at least 2 Sunbirds textile-free events within a 3-month window so that you can check us out and we can do likewise.  You need to like us, and we need to like you.  If you are unable to attend at least 2 Sunbirds textile-free events within a 3-month window, then you are either too busy to be an active member or you are not interested.  If you have or encounter an extenuating circumstance (such as a medical condition that temporarily prevents you from participating, or your work temporarily keeps you busy on the weekends (typically Saturdays), then please let us know.

If you are invited to join at full membership level, then membership dues are $30 per person annually. You can also join AANR at that time.  AANR dues are $40 for an annual single membership and $72 for an annual couples membership.  Note that couples can opt for a single AANR membership, if desired.

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By filling out this form, you agree that you understand that we are a private club and can accept or reject a membership application at our pleasure/discretion. This form is provided by WUFOO form builder.


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